DSL Port Configuration for the Allied Data CopperJet 816-2PRouter Sceenshot

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Port Configuration DSL Port Configuration View advanced attributes... Basic Port Attributes Name Value Driver Version 1.61  API Version GS_API_491  Firmware Version E.11.2.19   Dsp Version Turbo v1.0 A0 (0x40)  Connected true  Operational Mode G.Dmt.Bis  State Showtime  Operation Progress 0x00000000  Tx Bit Rate 1021200  Rx Bit Rate 7001320  Rx Attn DR 7001300  Tx Cell Rate 2408  Rx Cell Rate 16512  INP Up 0.0  INP Down 0.0  Data Boost Disable  Profile MAIN BT SPAIN SBC COVAD BRAZIL MII KT TELSTRA XR HAN FRANCE Standard G.Dmt G.Dmt.Bis G.Dmt.BisPlusAuto G.Span G.Span+ t1.413 g.lite Multimode ALCTL_14 ALCTL ADI Ec Fdm Mode EC FDM Code Type ADSL2 AnnexB Defaults None ADSL2 ADSL2PlusAuto AnnexB Activate Line None Abort Start Reset Defaults false true Note that the Reset Defaults option will not take effect until you save configuration and reboot. Copyright (c) 2006 Allied Data Technologies Terms and conditions
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