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Your Network Device Welcome! This page shows the status of your connection. Status Connection Authentication: None Login Settings... Port Connection Status Port Type Connected Line State DSL atm Showtime Ethernet ethernet Up WAN Status WAN IP Address: WAN Settings... WAN Subnet Mask: IP Address Type: Dynamic, from DHCP Default Gateway: Primary DNS: DNS Client Settings... Secondary DNS: DHCP ID Settings: None LAN Status LAN IP Address: LAN Settings... LAN Subnet Mask: IP Address Type: Static Act as Local DHCP Server: Yes DHCP Server Settings... MAC Address: Hardware Status Up-Time: 2 days, 14 hours Version: CopperJet 816-2P Router VoATM v6.02 SR4 Vendor: Allied Data Technologies Defined Interfaces RFC1483: Port: dsl VPI/VCI: 0/35 Show Statistics... Ethernet: Show Statistics... Webserver Status HTTP Port: 80 Auxillary HTTP Port: 8008 Routing Table Destination Netmask Gateway Interface ethernet-0 rfc1483-0 loopback rfc1483-0 Copyright (c) 2006 Allied Data Technologies Terms and conditions