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ZIPB ZIPB This page allows you to configure, enable, and disable ZIPB mode. ZIPB is currently disabled. Choose which computer will use the public IP address: None adt-hn2jc60xqej CND1041 HOMESERVER HPMediaCenter MyStorage1 ZIPB advanced configuration Configure the specifics of how you wish ZIPB to operate here. At a minimum, ZIPB needs to link one LAN interface and one WAN interface. If no interfaces are chosen, ZIPB will automatically use the first suitable interfaces it finds. ZIPB will also do this if you choose an IP interface incorrectly. Note: Some settings will not take effect until you disable and re-enable ZIPB. LAN interface: ethernet-0 rfc1483-0 none WAN interface: ethernet-0 rfc1483-0 none LAN IP address spoof method: Top of subnet Bottom of subnet Increment Manual Use PPP server address Manual LAN IP address: . . . LAN subnet mask selection method: Natural Manual Manual LAN subnet mask: . . . LAN DHCP server lease time: seconds LAN PC power down time: seconds Help Copyright (c) 2006 Allied Data Technologies Terms and conditions