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Residential Gateway Configuration: Parental Control - Navigation MODEM | GATEWAY | WIRELESS | PARENTAL CONTROL | FIREWALL | TOOLS Parental Control User Setup Basic Tod Filter Event Log User Setup : This page allows configuration of users. 'White List Only' feature limits the user to visit only the sites, specified in the Allowed Domain List of his/her content rule. Parental Basic Settings : This page allows basic selection of rules which block certain Internet content and certain Web sites. When you change your Parental Control settings, you must click on the appropriate "Apply", "Add" or "Remove" button for your new settings to take effect. If you refresh your browser's display, you will see the currently active settings. Tod Filter : This page allows configuration of time access policies to block all internet traffic to and from specific network devices based on time of day settings. Parental Event Log : This page displays Parental Control event log reporting.
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