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Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Router R10000 Smart Setup Wizard 1) Internet Connection 2) System Clock 3) Wireless Settings 4) Setup Summary More Settings Wireless Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Network Settings Local Network (LAN) Internet Network (WAN) Advanced Settings Smart Features Wireless Coverage Controls Access Schedule Block Websites User Access (MAC) User Access (IP) Firewall Settings Port Filtering Port Forwarding DMZ Virtual LAN Denial of Service Quality of Service Management System Status Network Statistics Dynamic DNS System Clock System Logs Upgrade Firmware Save/Reload Settings Password User Access Control (IP Filtering) IP Filtering is used to block internet or network access to specific IP addresses on your local network. The restricted user may still be able to login to the network but will not be able to access the internet. To begin blocking access to an IP address, enable IP Filtering and enter the IP address of the user you wish to block. Enable IP Filtering Local IP Address: Protocol: Both TCP UDP Comment:   Current Filter Table Local IP Address Protocol Comment Select         Helpful Tips: IP Filtering is similar to MAC filtering except that the High Power Router uses the local IP address to filter the specific data from the specified network protocol. For example, if you chose to block TCP data packets from a specific computer, you would need to figure out what that device's IP address is and select TCP from the Protocol drop down menu. If you are not sure which Protocol to filter, select "Both" as your Protocol selection. 2011 Amped Wireless /Newo Corporation. All rights reserved.
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