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Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Router R10000 Smart Setup Wizard 1) Internet Connection 2) System Clock 3) Wireless Settings 4) Setup Summary More Settings Wireless Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Network Settings Local Network (LAN) Internet Network (WAN) Advanced Settings Smart Features Wireless Coverage Controls Access Schedule Block Websites User Access (MAC) User Access (IP) Firewall Settings Port Filtering Port Forwarding DMZ Virtual LAN Denial of Service Quality of Service Management System Status Network Statistics Dynamic DNS System Clock System Logs Upgrade Firmware Save/Reload Settings Password Local Network Settings (LAN) Adjust the Local Network IP Settings for the High Power Router. IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: DHCP: Disabled Client Server Auto DHCP Client Range: -   DHCP Lease Time: (1 ~ 10080 minutes) Static DHCP: Domain Name: 802.1d Spanning Type: Disabled Enabled       Helpful Tips: These settings are for your local network only and do not apply to your Internet / ISP connection. Quick Definitions: IP Address: The network address of your High Power Router.  You can access this web menu by entering setup.ampedwireless.com or through the use of this network address.  By default the address is set to  DHCP: Each network device on your local network will have its own IP Address.  The DHCP server automatically assigns the IP addresses to each device connecting to your network.  Disabling DHCP will require that each device on your network be assigned a manual or static IP address instead. DHCP Client Range:  The range of IP address provided by the DHCP server is defined by this field.  You can limit how many IP address are used in your network here by setting a smaller or larger range. DHCP Lease Time: The amount of time each device is given a specific IP is decided by the DHCP lease time.  After the Lease Time expires, the DHCP server will assign another IP address to the device. Set Static DHCP: This allows specific devices to be given a specific IP address each time the device connects to the network.  The DHCP server will always assign the same IP address to the same device.  This feature is often used for shared devices such as network printers or servers. 2011 Amped Wireless /Newo Corporation. All rights reserved.
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