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Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW Smart Router R10000 Smart Setup Wizard 1) Internet Connection 2) System Clock 3) Wireless Settings 4) Setup Summary More Settings Wireless Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Network Settings Local Network (LAN) Internet Network (WAN) Advanced Settings Smart Features Wireless Coverage Controls Access Schedule Block Websites User Access (MAC) User Access (IP) Firewall Settings Port Filtering Port Forwarding DMZ Virtual LAN Denial of Service Quality of Service Management System Status Network Statistics Dynamic DNS System Clock System Logs Upgrade Firmware Save/Reload Settings Password Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) WPS enables one touch configuration for your wireless users connecting to the High Power Router. For devices that have WPS with push button configuration capabilities, choose one of the options below to configure your network using WPS. Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)   Enable Wi-Fi Protected Setup Option A: If your wireless user has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button, click or press the WPS PBC (Push Button Configuration) button here:     Option B: If your wireless device requires a WPS PIN number to join the wireless network, use this PIN: 60444301     Option C: If your wireless user has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN number, enter that number here: and then click       Helpful Tips: WiFi Protected Setup is an alternative method for easy and secure configuration of your wireless network. WiFi Protected Setup allows you to easily add additional WiFi devices to your wireless network without having to configure WiFi encryption as it is automatically configured through WPS. To use WPS, your wireless device must support WPS. Most new wireless devices will have a physical WPS button on the device. If it does not, then it may have a "soft button" meaning that the PBC (Push Button Configuration) button is on the software itself. If your wireless device does not have a PBC button, then it may use the wireless PIN method for connecting to your network. WPS is an optional connection method. If you are familiar with connecting to your wireless network with encryption keys, you do not need to use WPS.     2011 Amped Wireless /Newo Corporation. All rights reserved.
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