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Amped Wireless Dashboard 1) Internet Connection 2) System Clock 3) Wireless Settings 4) Setup Summary --> More Settings 5GHz Wi-Fi Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wireless Coverage Access Schedule 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wireless Coverage Access Schedule Network Settings Local Network (LAN) Internet Network (WAN) Advanced Settings Smart Features Block Websites User Access (MAC) User Access (IP) USB Storage Local Sharing FTP Server Firewall Settings Port Filtering Port Forwarding DMZ Virtual LAN Denial of Service Quality of Service Routing Setup Management System Status Network Statistics Dynamic DNS System Clock System Logs Upgrade Firmware Save/Reload Settings Password Helpful Tips: The Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) is a method to keep a web domain name, or web address, linked to a changing IP address as most Internet Providers do not provide static IP addresses. To use DDNS, you must first set up an account with a DDNS provider. The Router supports two of these providers (TZO and DynDNS).  Once the DDNS service has been set up and configured correctly on the Router, the DDNS service will constantly track the IP address of your Internet connection. Each time your Internet Provider changes your IP address, the Router will inform the DDNS service and the DDNS service will update your new IP address. The DDNS web domain that you have chosen to use will then be updated to redirect to your new Internet IP address. The DDNS service makes it so you never have to check or remember your Internet IP address. This feature is typically used for users running servers, network cameras and other devices that require remote access. Dynamic DNS Settings DDNS is a service that assigns a web address (such as myrouter.com) to your Router. Some Internet Providers configure Internet connections with a dynamic IP address (an IP address that constantly changes). The DDNS service will constantly monitor your IP Address and in the event that it changes, it will automatically redirect all traffic from the assigned web address to your new IP address. This service is often used for FTP servers, IP Cameras and other types of network servers. Enable DDNS Service Provider: DynDNS TZO --> Domain Name: User Name / Email: Password Key: DDNS Services: TZO � Click here to sign up for a TZO DDNS account DynDNS � Click here to sign up for a DynDNS account --> DDNS Services: Click here to sign up for a DynDNS account       © 2014 Amped Wireless /Newo Corporation. All rights reserved. Applying Changes The router is applying your settings and may reboot during this process. This may take a few minutes, please do not make changes at this time.  Could not re-establish a connection to your Router. If you were connected wirelessly to the router please reconnect your computer/tablet to the following network: 2.4GHz WiFi:     -or- --> 5GHz WiFi: 2.4G Security: 5G Security: If you were connected using a cable, please check the cable connection.     When reconnected, press OK: If clicking OK does not work after you have reconnected to the router, try refreshing the web browser. If you still do not have access, turn the router off and back on, then try again.
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