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Amped Wireless Dashboard 1) Internet Connection 2) System Clock 3) Wireless Settings 4) Setup Summary --> More Settings 5GHz Wi-Fi Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wireless Coverage Access Schedule 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Settings Basic Settings Security Settings Advanced Settings Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wireless Coverage Access Schedule Network Settings Local Network (LAN) Internet Network (WAN) Advanced Settings Smart Features Block Websites User Access (MAC) User Access (IP) USB Storage Local Sharing FTP Server Firewall Settings Port Filtering Port Forwarding DMZ Virtual LAN Denial of Service Quality of Service Routing Setup Management System Status Network Statistics Dynamic DNS System Clock System Logs Upgrade Firmware Save/Reload Settings Password Helpful Tips: A MAC Address may sometimes be referred to as a Physical Address. Most networking devices have their MAC Address located on a label on the actual device. Be sure to enter the MAC Address without any symbols. For example, a MAC Address of 78-DD-78-AA-78-BB would be entered as 78DD78AA78BB. User Access Control (MAC Address Filtering) Each networking device has a physical address known as a MAC address. MAC Address Filtering blocks access to your network from computers or network devices based on their unique MAC address (physical address). To begin blocking access, enable MAC Filtering and enter the MAC address below without spaces or symbols (i.e. A1B2C3D4E5F6). Enable MAC Filtering Current Mode: Change Mode:   MAC Address:   Comment:     Current Filter Table MAC Address Comment Select           © 2014 Amped Wireless /Newo Corporation. All rights reserved. Applying Changes The router is applying your settings and may reboot during this process. This may take a few minutes, please do not make changes at this time.  Could not re-establish a connection to your Router. If you were connected wirelessly to the router please reconnect your computer/tablet to the following network: 2.4GHz WiFi:     -or- --> 5GHz WiFi: 2.4G Security: 5G Security: If you were connected using a cable, please check the cable connection.     When reconnected, press OK: If clicking OK does not work after you have reconnected to the router, try refreshing the web browser. If you still do not have access, turn the router off and back on, then try again.
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