UMTS Stick for the Arcadyan ARV7519Router Sceenshot

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Arcadyan VGV7519 Firmware Version: 02.00.124 START VOICE DATA EXTRAS UMTS-Stick Password Settings Time Settings Backup / Restore Reboot UPnP USB UMTS-Stick The Router enables a connection with a UMTS-Stick for Internet and Voice over the UMTS mobile network. Please insert the SIM card into the UMTS-Stick, and insert the UMTS-Stick into the USB jack. Once done, please enter the PIN code of the SIM card here. PIN Code (for SIM card) Status Service Provider Max Rate Not Available Act. Rate UMTS connection APN Phone Number Idle Time (Minutes) User Name Password Confirm Password Network Operator Select Network Operator Status Service No UMTS-Stick inserted !
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