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Arcadyan VGV7519 Firmware Version: 02.00.124 START VOICE DATA EXTRAS UMTS-Stick Password Settings Time Settings Backup / Restore Reboot UPnP USB File Server FTP Server Web FTP Server Printer Server USB Router supports the USB Host controller function. You could enable this function and plug-in your USB device to share it with other people via network. The supported USB devices include: USB mass storage: hard disk, flash disk or memory card reader, up to two device(s). USB printer: up to one device USB-UMTS-Stick: up to one device. After you have plugged a USB device into the Router, please click the "Update Status" to view the device's characteristics in the updated "Current USB Device Status" table below. Four different file system formats are supported: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS, and up to four partitions could be activated at the same time. For your convenience, Router will activate the first four partitions automatically when you plug in a USB storage device. Should you have more than four partitions in your storage device, you could "Deactivate" some unused partitions and "Activate" other partitions you would like to use. Please activate the partitions before you configure the "File Server", "FTP Server" and "Web FTP Server". Enable USB function Server Name Current USB Device Status: Mass storage Disconnected Printer Disconnected No UMTS-Stick found