UPnP for the Arcadyan VRV7519Router Sceenshot

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Arcadyan VGV7519 Firmware Version: 02.00.124 START VOICE DATA EXTRAS UMTS-Stick Password Settings Time Settings Backup / Restore Reboot UPnP USB UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) Setting The Universal Plug and Play architecture offers pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity of PCs of all form factors, intelligent applications, and wireless devices. UPnP enabled seamless proximity network in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office and everywhere in between. Be aware that some ports will be opened by UPnP and some security ricks might be involved. Enable UPnP IGD Device Enable DLNA Media Server Sharing Folder List (up to 4 folders): Title Path Configure No any USB mass storage connected !