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Subnets & DHCP Skip to Main Content Device Broadband Home Network Voice Firewall Diagnostics Status Configure IPv6 Wi-Fi MAC Filtering Subnets & DHCP IP Allocation Subnets & DHCP Making a change to some pulldowns on this page will automatically change the context below it, enabling you to fill only the appropriate fields for the change you have made. * all IP addresses and netmasks must be in IPv4 format nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn Private LAN Subnet You have disabled JavaScript(TM) in your browser. When you change an item that has an Update button to the right of it, make your change, then click the Update button. This will transform the page according to the change you have made and you may then proceed. Device IPv4 Address Subnet Mask DHCP Server DHCP Server Enable Off On DHCPv4 Start Address DHCPv4 End Address DHCP Lease Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds  :  :  : e.g. 01:00:00:00 Configure IPv6 DHCP Public Subnet Public Subnet Mode On Off   Allow Inbound Traffic Off On Public Gateway Address Public Subnet Mask DHCPv4 Start Address DHCPv4 End Address Primary DHCP Pool Primary DHCP Pool Private Public Cascaded Router Cascaded Router Enable On Off   Cascaded Router Address Network Address Subnet Mask Help DHCP server functionality enables the device to assign a "private" IP address and other parameters that allow network communication to your LAN devices. This feature simplifies network administration because the device maintains a list of IP address assignments. Device IPv4 Address: Specifies the LAN IPv4 address of the device itself. Subnet Mask: Specifies the common Class C subnet. DHCP Server Enable: Specifies if the device will hand out leases to LAN-side clients. This includes Public Subnet. If a Guest SSID is configured with its own subnet, it includes this subnet as well. DHCPv4 Start Address: Specifies the first address in the DHCP address range. You can reserve a sequence of up to 253 IP addresses within a subnet, beginning with the specified address, for dynamic assignment. DHCPv4 End Address: Specifies the last address in the DHCP address range. DHCP Lease: Specifies the default length for DHCP leases issued by the device. Enter lease time in dd:hh:mm:ss format. The range must be 3 minutes to 99 days. Public Subnet Mode: Using a public subnet means that IP addresses assigned to LAN clients will be public addresses. Allow Inbound Traffic: When enabled, connections to LAN-side devices are allowed to be initiated from the WAN side. This opens the LAN devices on the Public Subnet to potentially malicious traffic, so care should be taken to ensure the LAN-side devices are properly protected. (Firewall-enabled) Public Gateway Address: The IP address of the public subnet. Public Subnet Mask: The subnet mask of the public subnet. Primary DHCP Pool Specifies which DHCP pool will be used first for the assignment of IP addresses to connecting devices. Cascaded Router Enable: When enabled, indicates another router will be behind this device. Cascaded Router Address: The IP address for the router behind this device. The Cascaded Router Address should be in the LAN Private IP subnet range. Use if IP Passthrough is enabled to have the cascaded router get the IP Passthrough address. Network Address: The Network Address that defines the range of IP addresses available to clients of the cascaded router. Subnet Mask: The subnet mask that with the Network Address defines the range of IP addresses available to clients of the cascaded router. © 2016 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and Globe logo are registered trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. Site Map © 2016 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All rights reserved. ARRIS is a registered trademark of ARRIS Enterprises LLC.
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