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Diagnostics Skip to Main Content Device Broadband Home Network Voice Firewall Diagnostics Troubleshoot Speed Test Logs Update Resets Syslog Event Notifications NAT Table Troubleshoot Running this test will help locate problems with your Internet Connection. Ethernet - Authentication - IP - DNS - 6rd Continuity - Test Internet Access Enter an Internet Address in the 'Address' field and click on the button of the test to perform. Address    e.g.,, yourhostname Preferred protocol Preferred protocol   IPv4 IPv6    Progress Window Help This "Multi-layer" diagnostic examines the functionality of the device from the physical connections to the application traffic being sent by users through the device. This sequence of tests takes approximately one minute to generate results. Each test generates one of the following result codes: Pass: The test was successful. Fail: The test was unsuccessful. Skipped: The test was not performed because a pre-requisite test failed or the test is not appropriate. Test Internet Access Enter an IP address, URL, or hostname in the "Address" field and click on: "Ping" to see if this device can loop a message back and forth to the remote host. "Traceroute" to see what route or nodes the packet goes through to get to the remote host. "NSLookup" to see if the host name is translated by a Name Server to an IP address. Results will be displayed in the "Progress Window" as they are generated. © 2016 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and Globe logo are registered trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. Site Map © 2016 ARRIS Enterprises LLC. All rights reserved. ARRIS is a registered trademark of ARRIS Enterprises LLC.
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