Advanced Wireless Settings for the Arris DG860ARouter Sceenshot

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--> Wireless HSD Logout Basic Setup WAN Setup LAN Setup Wireless Setup Firewall Utilities Wireless Setup Basic Advanced MAC Address Control Wireless Client List 1.0 Advanced Settings Advanced Wireless Settings screen is used to set up the Router's advanced wireless functions. These settings should only be adjusted by an expert administrator as incorrect settings can reduce wireless performance. Wireless Network Settings Wireless Mode B/G mixed B only G only N only G/N mixed B/G/N mixed BG Protection Beacon Interval DTIM Interval RTS Threshold Fragment Threshold Frame Burst WMM Power Save mode 80211n Specific Settings Operation Mode Mixed Mode Greenfield Channel Bandwidth 20 MHz 20/40 MHz Guard Interval 400ns 800ns MCS Auto Legacy mcs0 mcs1 mcs2 mcs3 mcs4 mcs5 mcs6 mcs7 mcs8 mcs9 mcs10 mcs11 mcs12 mcs13 mcs14 mcs15
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