Basic Wireless Setup for the Arris DG860ARouter Sceenshot

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--> Wireless HSD Logout Basic Setup WAN Setup LAN Setup Wireless Setup Firewall Utilities Wireless Setup Basic Advanced MAC Address Control Wireless Client List 1.0 System Basic Setup While your system has many configuration options, the options on this Basic Setup page are those required by most users. Click the tabs to access the other configuration pages to set advanced options. Hover the mouse pointer over the question mark icon next to an option to view a description of that option. For changes to take effect, you must click the Apply button. Basic Setup Enable Wireless Wireless Network Name (SSID) Broadcast Network Name (SSID) Change Password Tx Power Level High Medium Low Channel Auto 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 AP Isolation Enable WMM Language English Spanish French German Security Mode OPEN WEP WPA-PSK WPA2-PSK WPA/WPA2-PSK Security Settings(WEP) Key Number 1 2 3 4 Key Length 64 Bits 128 Bits Key Security Settings(WPA/WPA2 PSK) Encryption Algorithm TKIP AES TKIP/AES Pre-Shared Key Security Settings Enterprise Encryption Algorithm TKIP AES TKIP/AES RADIUS Server IP RADIUS Port Shared Key Rekey Interval Set Password close Old Password. New Password Repeat New Password Cancel Set
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