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Touchstone HW/FW Versions HW/FW Versions Status HW/FW Versions Event Log CM State Wireless Advanced  Hardware Information System: ARRIS DOCSIS 3.0 Touchstone Data Gateway HW_REV: 1 VENDOR: Arris Interactive, L.L.C. BOOTR: SW_REV: 7.5.32H.TW MODEL: DG860A Product Type: Product Release: Flash Part: Download Revision: Firmware Revision: --> Serial Number: \ Options:  MTA Hardware Information Mta Serial Number Mta Type Identifier -->  Firmware Build and Revisions Firmware Name: TS070532H_071412_MODEL_860_GW_TW Firmware Build Time: Sat Jul 14 00:52:55 EDT 2012 eSAFE 0 FW Revision: 2.0.26_0508B Copyright 2012, ARRIS Group, Inc., All rights reserved.
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