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Advanced - Coax (MoCA) NVG468MQ Version: 9.2.0h3d78 Logout WAN Link:   Up Link Type:   ONT WAN Link Speed:   1000 Mbps WAN Conn:   Connected Conn Type:   DHCP Client WAN IP:   Wireless2G:   Enabled SSID:   Encryption:   WPA2 Wireless5G:   Enabled SSID:   Encryption:   WPA2 Skip to Main Content Main Wireless Network Firewall Advanced Status Advanced Broadband Settings Connection Settings Coax (MoCA) LAN & DHCP DHCP Reservation Ethernet Ports IPv6 DNS Routing Voice Lines QoS Utilities Administration Remote GUI Configuration Firmware Logging Reboot Advanced - Coax (MoCA) You have disabled JavaScript(TM) in your browser. When you change an item that has an Update button to the right of it, make your change, then click the Update button. This will transform the page according to the change you have made and you may then proceed. MoCA PHY Status: Down MoCA PHY Enable: Enable Disable MoCA Privacy: Enable Disable Network Password: Show Network Password: Beacon Power Reduction (dB): 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Network Controller: Enable Disable MAC Address: Hide Help MoCA PHY Status: Indicates if the MoCA link is UP or DOWN. MoCA PHY Enable: Allows for enabling and disabling of the MoCA interface. MoCA Privacy: Allows for enabling and disabling of encryption of data on the MoCA network. Do not enable unless you can control the setting on all MoCA devices on your network. Network Password: The encryption password for the MoCA network. The password must use only the numbers 0-9 and must be from 12 to 17 digits in length. Show Network Password: If checked, the Network Password is displayed in readable text. Beacon Power Reduction(dB): Allows reduction of beacon TX power which can reduce network interference. Network Controller: If enabled, your gateway will be the network controller for the MoCA network. MAC Address: The MAC address of the gateway MoCA interface. © 2017 ARRIS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.