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Status - DHCP NVG468MQ Version: 9.2.0h3d78 Logout WAN Link:   Up Link Type:   ONT WAN Link Speed:   1000 Mbps WAN Conn:   Connected Conn Type:   DHCP Client WAN IP:   Wireless2G:   Enabled SSID:   Encryption:   WPA2 Wireless5G:   Enabled SSID:   Encryption:   WPA2 Skip to Main Content Main Wireless Network Firewall Advanced Status Status Summary Transport Connection LAN DHCP Routing ARP Table Voice Statistics Voice Summary UPnP NAT Wireless Gateway Resources Logs Status - DHCP Auto Refresh DHCP Server: Enabled LAN: Private IP Range: Clients: 201 Subnet Mask: Gateway: DNS Type: Dynamic DNS DNS Primary: / dns1.anycast.frontiernet.net Lease Time: 4 Hours DNS Secondary: / dns2.anycast.frontiernet.net Auto Reservation: Enabled DHCP Clients Hostname MAC Address IP Address Lease Remaining Type 1 N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved 4 N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved 7 N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved 12 N/A Auto Reserved 13 N/A Auto Reserved 14 N/A Auto Reserved 15 N/A Auto Reserved N/A Auto Reserved Refresh Hide Help DHCP Server: Indicates if DHCP Service is enabled. IP Range: The IP Address range of the private LAN subnet. Subnet Mask: The primary LAN subnet mask. DNS Type: Dynamic DNS indicates that the system will find DNS servers automatically. Static DNS indicates that user-supplied DNS addresses can be used. Lease Time: Total time of LAN-side DHCP server leases. Auto Reservation: Feature that reserves IP Addresses as it assigns them via DHCP. LAN: Indicates if the primary DHCP pool is public or private. Clients: The total clients supported counting public and private subnets. Gateway: The IP Address of the gateway. DNS Primary: Primary DNS Server Address in use. DNS Secondary: Secondary DNS Server Address in use. DHCP Clients: The DHCP Server lease table. © 2017 ARRIS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.