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Wireless - Basic Settings 2.4 GHz NVG468MQ Version: 9.2.0h3d78 Logout WAN Link:   Up Link Type:   ONT WAN Link Speed:   1000 Mbps WAN Conn:   Connected Conn Type:   DHCP Client WAN IP:   Wireless2G:   Enabled SSID:   Encryption:   WPA2 Wireless5G:   Enabled SSID:   Encryption:   WPA2 Skip to Main Content Main Wireless Network Firewall Advanced Status Wireless Summary Basic Settings 2.4 GHz Basic Settings 5 GHz Guest Access 2.4 GHz Guest Access 5 GHz WPS MAC Address Control Wireless Schedule Advanced 2.4 GHz Advanced 5 GHz Wireless - Basic Settings 2.4 GHz You have disabled JavaScript(TM) in your browser. When you change an item that has an Update button to the right of it, make your change, then click the Update button. This will transform the page according to the change you have made and you may then proceed. Status: Enable Disable Wi-Fi Channel: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Automatic Network Name (SSID): Isolate: Enable Disable Broadcast SSID: Enable Disable Security: OFF - No Privacy WPA - PSK WPA - Default Password WEP - Manual WPA Version: WPA2 WPA/WPA2 WEP Password Length: 10 characters (40/64 bits) 26 characters (128 bits) Password: Hide Help Your device is equipped with 2 wireless radios. Be aware of the radio selection when changing configuration settings. Status: This status indicates if the Wi-Fi Radio is enabled or disabled. Wi-Fi Channel: The gateway can transfer data on various channels. If a nearby wireless LAN is transmitting on the same channel, this interferes with data transfer. If you experience speed problems on your wireless LAN, test whether a particular choice of channel improves the data transfer. Choosing automatic causes the gateway to select the best operating channel for its environment. Network Name (SSID): When a wireless client searches for available networks choosing this name will mean choosing this gateway for the wireless access point. Isolate: When enabled, wi-fi clients connected on this SSID cannot communicate with each other. Broadcast SSID: When on, the gateway will broadcast its Network Name(SSID) to clients scanning for wireless networks. To connect to your wireless LAN, they must first know the Network Name. Security: The default wireless security is WPA with a password unique to the gateway. You can choose to change the WPA password , use the older WEP security, or turn off security. WPA is the most secure choice to prevent outside access to your network. Your gateway and each client must be using the same password. WPA Version: This field allows you to select the WPA version(s) that will be required for client connections. Select 'WPA/WPA2' for maximum interoperability. WEP Password Length: When WEP is the chosen security, this field dictates the length of the password field below. Password: The password must be at least 8 characters when WPA is chosen. For a WEP password, the length must be exactly as specified by the WEP Password Length field. © 2017 ARRIS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.
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