Basic DHCPv6 for the Arris SBG6580Router Sceenshot

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Basic - DHCPv6 --> uest Network Settings', linkUrl:'wlanGuestNetwork.asp', menuID:'menu10'}, {name:'Access Control', linkUrl:'wlanAccess.asp', menuID:'menu32'}, {name:'Extend Network Range', linkUrl:'wlanBridging.asp', menuID:'menuc'}, {name:'Quality of Service', linkUrl:'wlanWmm.asp', menuID:'menu42'}, {name:'Advanced', linkUrl:'wlanAdvanced.asp', menuID:'menu33'} ]}, {name:'FIREWALL', subMenu: [ {name:'Protection Level', linkUrl:'RgContentFilter.asp', menuID:'menu52'}, {name:'Parental Control', linkUrl:'RgFiltering.asp', menuID:'menu8e'}, {name:'Local Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallEL.asp', menuID:'menu4d'}, {name:'Remote Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallRL.asp', menuID:'menu46'} ]}, {name:'VPN', subMenu: [ {name:'L2TPv3', linkUrl:'RgVpnL2tpV3.asp', menuID:'menu7d'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'RgVpnEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu58'} ]}, {name:'TELEPHONY', subMenu: [ {name:'Status', linkUrl:'MtaStatus.asp', menuID:'menu3d'}, {name:'MTA DHCP', linkUrl:'MtaDhcp.asp', menuID:'menu6a'}, {name:'Provisioning Details', linkUrl:'MtaProvisioning.asp', menuID:'menu45'}, {name:'QoS Parameters', linkUrl:'MtaQos.asp', menuID:'menu44'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'MtaEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu26'}, {name:'Battery Charger', linkUrl:'BatController.asp', menuID:'menu30'}, {name:'Power Management', linkUrl:'BatInterfaceDelay.asp', menuID:'menu3f'}, {name:'Battery Pack Information', linkUrl:'BatUps.asp', menuID:'menu5c'} ]}, {name:'HELP', subMenu: [ {name:'Overview', linkUrl:'help.asp', menuID:'menu9d'}, {name:'About', linkUrl:'About.asp', menuID:'menua7'} ]} ]; Basic - DHCPv6 Home > Basic > DHCP You can configure the internal DhcpV6 server for the LAN on this page. When modifying the System Delegated Prefix, set the System Delegated Prefix first, then press Apply so that the system can calculate its LAN Delegated Prefix. System Delegated Prefix User defined prefix       Server Settings    LAN Delegated Prefix will be derived from System Delegated Prefix and Start Address will have the same prefix as the LAN Delegated Prefix.   Enabled   LAN Delegated Prefix Start Address Number of addresses Valid Lifetime Enable Rapid Commit   Enable Unicast     ©2016 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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