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Wireless - Access Control --> Confirm Settings Do you want to continue? Logout SBG6580 Wireless - Access Control You can restrict access to your wireless network on a device-by-device basis.  2.4 GHz   5 GHz    Selected Network ); (F8:35:DD:5C:61:FA) MAC Restrict Mode Disabled Allow Deny Help For an additional layer of network security you can use MAC Restrict Mode. Each device that can join a Wi-Fi network has a unique device identifier called a MAC address. You can configure your SBG6580 to allow Wi-Fi access for only devices on your SBG6580's MAC Address List. For example, if you wanted a laptop to be able to connect to the SBG6580, you would look up your laptop's MAC address (on the laptop), enable MAC Restrict Mode and add the laptop's MAC address to the MAC Address List. MAC Address List Help When MAC Restrict Mode is enabled, only devices with MAC addresses that are included on the MAC Address List can connect to your network. MAC Address Age(s) RSSI(dBm) IP Addr Host Name Mode Speed (kbps) 0C:3E:9F:70:94:12 31 -58 n 24000 0C:8B:FD:46:01:90 1 -38 Gregs_Toshiba n 6500 78:F8:82:CC:BA:8A 13 -43 android-b89d604222001167 n 24000 E8:50:8B:CE:A7:37 0 -46 android-bc6479c9d63df467 n 104000 68:AE:20:5B:FC:FE 57150 -81 n 2000 B4:AE:2B:CD:C0:96 2 -39 DESKTOP-A86M136 n 6500 2C:BE:08:02:E4:37 145411 -77 n 1000 F0:99:BF:2E:91:ED 237478 -79 n 1000 E8:80:2E:C9:CC:CA 416760 -62 n 24000 ©2015 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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