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Help - About This SBG6782-AC --> ontrol', linkUrl:'RgFiltering.asp', menuID:'menu8e'}, {name:'Local Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallEL.asp', menuID:'menu4d'}, {name:'Remote Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallRL.asp', menuID:'menu46'} ]}, {name:'VPN', subMenu: [ {name:'L2TPv3', linkUrl:'RgVpnL2tpV3.asp', menuID:'menu7d'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'RgVpnEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu58'} ]}, {name:'TELEPHONY', subMenu: [ {name:'Status', linkUrl:'MtaStatus.asp', menuID:'menu3d'}, {name:'MTA DHCP', linkUrl:'MtaDhcp.asp', menuID:'menu6a'}, {name:'Provisioning Details', linkUrl:'MtaProvisioning.asp', menuID:'menu45'}, {name:'QoS Parameters', linkUrl:'MtaQos.asp', menuID:'menu44'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'MtaEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu26'}, {name:'Battery Charger', linkUrl:'BatController.asp', menuID:'menu30'}, {name:'Power Management', linkUrl:'BatInterfaceDelay.asp', menuID:'menu3f'}, {name:'Battery Pack Information', linkUrl:'BatUps.asp', menuID:'menu5c'} ]}, {name:'HELP', subMenu: [ {name:'Overview', linkUrl:'help.asp', menuID:'menu9d'}, {name:'About', linkUrl:'About.asp', menuID:'menua7'} ]} ]; Help - About This SBG6782-AC Your Arris SBG6782-AC is one of the most advanced Cable Gateway products available. Most common problems are easily solved by using the setup wizard and following the instructions provided on the setup pages. Occasionally you may need to call your service provider for assistance. When you do, the information displayed below will help provide a speedy resolution to your problem. My SBG6782-AC's serial number is \\ . The HFC MAC Address is \ . The firmware Version is SBG6X82- The SBG6782-AC has been running for 4 days 14h:48m:14s The cable modem is Operational The cable modem receive signal is 579.0 MHz, 7.6 dBmV & 42.5 dB CNR (primary). The primary network has 12 clients. The DDNS service is disabled . IP Filtering is configured for 0 IP addresses. MAC Filtering is disabled . Port Filtering is disabled . Port Forwarding is enabled . The DMZ Host is . The wireless radio is enabled and set to 2.4Ghz . The wireless radio is enabled and set to 5Ghz . The Wireless - Primary Network 2.4Ghz SSID is \ and encryption type is WPA2-PSK . The Wireless - Primary Network 5Ghz SSID is \ and encryption type is WPA2-PSK . The guest network is disabled . The number of wireless client(s) connected 9 . The wireless access control list for 2.4Ghz is disabled and has 0 entries. The wireless access control list for 5Ghz is disabled and has 0 entries. Wireless QoS (WMM) is enabled . The firewall level is low . Parental Control content filtering table is not Used . The MoCA network is disabled and has 0 device(s). ©2014 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.