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Basic - Backup and Restore --> 2'}, {name:'Parental Control', linkUrl:'RgFiltering.asp', menuID:'menu8e'}, {name:'Local Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallEL.asp', menuID:'menu4d'}, {name:'Remote Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallRL.asp', menuID:'menu46'} ]}, {name:'VPN', subMenu: [ {name:'L2TPv3', linkUrl:'RgVpnL2tpV3.asp', menuID:'menu7d'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'RgVpnEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu58'} ]}, {name:'TELEPHONY', subMenu: [ {name:'Status', linkUrl:'MtaStatus.asp', menuID:'menu3d'}, {name:'MTA DHCP', linkUrl:'MtaDhcp.asp', menuID:'menu6a'}, {name:'Provisioning Details', linkUrl:'MtaProvisioning.asp', menuID:'menu45'}, {name:'QoS Parameters', linkUrl:'MtaQos.asp', menuID:'menu44'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'MtaEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu26'}, {name:'Battery Charger', linkUrl:'BatController.asp', menuID:'menu30'}, {name:'Power Management', linkUrl:'BatInterfaceDelay.asp', menuID:'menu3f'}, {name:'Battery Pack Information', linkUrl:'BatUps.asp', menuID:'menu5c'} ]}, {name:'HELP', subMenu: [ {name:'Overview', linkUrl:'help.asp', menuID:'menu9d'}, {name:'About', linkUrl:'About.asp', menuID:'menua7'} ]} ]; Basic - Backup and Restore Home > Basic > Backup and Restore The SBG6782-AC can save its configuration settings on your computer for later retrieval. This is helpful if you want to make temporary changes to the SBG6782-AC configuration. This action requires a reboot. Backup/Restore    --> Help Choose File (Browse) This is used to choose the name and location of the file that was previously used to store the configuration on your computer. Restore This will restore the configuration that was saved. Backup This will save the current SBG6782-AC configuration to a file that is downloaded to your computer. Follow the steps used to save files downloaded by your browser. Please select 'Save' when prompted. --> ©2014 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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