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Login --> Confirm Settings Do you want to continue? SBG6782-AC This Web based Manager for your Gateway allows you to configure and customize your SBG6782-AC settings, as well as providing assistance with basic troubleshooting. Login Please enter username and password to login.   Username Password -->   For information regarding software licenses, acknowledgments and copyright notices for certain software packages and/or components that are used in this SBG6782-AC, please see the Open Source Software Information . ©2015 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SBG6782-AC Device Status SSID 2.4 GHz Number of Connected Clients 3 SSID 5.0 GHz Number of Connected Clients 1 --> SSID 5.0 GHz Number of Connected Clients 1 Firmware Version D30GW-EAGLE- Internet Connection Connected Downstream Frequency 585000000 Hz Downstream Signal Power -2.1 dBmV Downstream Signal SNR 39.0 dB Gateway Mode Routed