Wireless - 5GHz Extend Network Range for the Arris SBG6782-ACRouter Sceenshot

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Wireless - Extend Network Range --> linkUrl:'wlanBridging.asp', menuID:'menuc'}, {name:'Quality of Service', linkUrl:'wlanWmm.asp', menuID:'menu42'}, {name:'Advanced', linkUrl:'wlanAdvanced.asp', menuID:'menu33'} ]}, {name:'FIREWALL', subMenu: [ {name:'Protection Level', linkUrl:'RgContentFilter.asp', menuID:'menu52'}, {name:'Parental Control', linkUrl:'RgFiltering.asp', menuID:'menu8e'}, {name:'Local Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallEL.asp', menuID:'menu4d'}, {name:'Remote Log', linkUrl:'RgFirewallRL.asp', menuID:'menu46'} ]}, {name:'VPN', subMenu: [ {name:'L2TPv3', linkUrl:'RgVpnL2tpV3.asp', menuID:'menu7d'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'RgVpnEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu58'} ]}, {name:'TELEPHONY', subMenu: [ {name:'Status', linkUrl:'MtaStatus.asp', menuID:'menu3d'}, {name:'MTA DHCP', linkUrl:'MtaDhcp.asp', menuID:'menu6a'}, {name:'Provisioning Details', linkUrl:'MtaProvisioning.asp', menuID:'menu45'}, {name:'QoS Parameters', linkUrl:'MtaQos.asp', menuID:'menu44'}, {name:'Event Log', linkUrl:'MtaEventLog.asp', menuID:'menu26'}, {name:'Battery Charger', linkUrl:'BatController.asp', menuID:'menu30'}, {name:'Power Management', linkUrl:'BatInterfaceDelay.asp', menuID:'menu3f'}, {name:'Battery Pack Information', linkUrl:'BatUps.asp', menuID:'menu5c'} ]}, {name:'HELP', subMenu: [ {name:'Overview', linkUrl:'help.asp', menuID:'menu9d'}, {name:'About', linkUrl:'About.asp', menuID:'menua7'} ]} ]; Wireless - Extend Network Range You can extend the range of your network by adding wireless distribution system (WDS) compatible bridging devices. To use one, enter the MAC address of the device into the table below. Enter the MAC address of the SBG6782-AC's Wi-Fi radio into the WDS table on the bridging device. You will need to operate the Wi-Fi network in unencrypted mode to use this feature.  2.4 GHz   5 GHz    Wireless Bridging Disabled Enabled Remote Bridges         ©2014 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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