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Basic - DDNS --> Confirm Settings Do you want to continue? Logout SBG6900-AC Basic - DDNS Home > Basic > DDNS Every device on the Internet is assigned an IP address. The IP address is used by the Internet devices to communicate with each other, similar to the way a phone number is assigned to a person. It is difficult for users to remember the IP address of the different Web sites they want to visit, so each site can use a friendlier name, like arris.com .   The friendly name is called a Domain Name. A Domain Name Service (DNS) translates the friendly name that people want to use into the IP address that the devices need to use. A Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) allows a device to report its IP address to the DNS system, so if the IP address changes, it can still be addressed by its friendly name. Most home networks do not need to have a DDNS set up. DDNS is only needed for special needs, such as when a user wants to run a Web Server in the home. For more information on available DDNS services, please visit www.DynDNS.org . DDNS DDNS Service Disabled Enabled                              Help This setting is either disabled or enabled. When enabled, user can configure DDNS provider, Username, password and Host Name. DDNS Provider Help The name of the DDNS service provider when the DDNS service is enabled, Default is DynDNS.org. This is an open field for the users to add the domain name of the DNS Service Provider they subscribe to. --> Username The user name for DynDNS --> Help The username associated with the DDNS provider account. --> Password The password associated with the DynDNS.org account. --> Help The password associated with the DDNS provider account. --> Host Name The "friendly" name that is used to address the SBG6900-AC from the Internet. --> Help The "friendly" name that is used to address the SBG6900-AC from the Internet. IP Address Help The public IP address of the SBG6900-AC. Status DDNS service is not enabled. Help The current status of the DDNS service. ©2015 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.