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Firewall - Parental Controls --> Confirm Settings Do you want to continue? Logout SBG6900-AC Firewall - Parental Controls Home > Firewall > Filtering This allows the filtering of outbound connections, restricting or granting access to specific MAC addresses. Filters with no MAC address entered will apply to all MAC addresses. The URL field is used to block or allow access to specific sites (for example, Filters with no ports entered will apply to all ports. Before creating filters, please scroll down and set the time zone.  Display Filters  Description MAC Address URL Days Time Start Time End Port Start Port End Prot Allow/ Block Enabled   Time Zone Current Time 14:08:00 4/7/2017 Current Time Zone Select a Time Zone Automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time Yes   No ©2015 ARRIS Group, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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