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Gateway > Firewall - Xfinity xFinity Hi admin     Logout Change Password Battery 0% On Internet Status: Connected -->6 computers connected On WiFi Status: Connected 4 computers connected Low Low Security Firewall is set to Low Gateway At a Glance Email Notification --> Connection Status XFINITY Network Local IP Network WiFi WiFi --> MTA Line Status Line Diagnostics Service Flow SIP Packet Log --> CallP/QoS VQM --> Firewall Software Hardware System Hardware Battery LAN WIFI Wizard Connected Devices Devices Range Extenders --> Parental Control Managed Sites Managed Services Managed Devices Reports Advanced Port Forwarding HS Port Forwarding --> Port Triggering Remote Management --> DMZ Routing --> Dynamic DNS Device Discovery Radius Servers --> Troubleshooting Logs Diagnostic Tools Reset/Reboot Gateway Change Password Gateway > Firewall Manage your firewall settings. Select a security level for details. If you're unfamiliar with firewall settings, keep the default security level, Minimum Security (Low). Maxium Security (High): Blocks all applications, including voice applications (such as Gtalk, Skype) and P2P applications, but allows Internet, email, VPN, DNS, and iTunes services. Typical Security (Medium): Blocks P2P applications and pings to the Gateway, but allows all other traffic. Minimum Security(Low): No application or traffic is blocked. (Default setting) Custom security: Block specific services. more Firewall Security Level Maximum Security (High) LAN-to-WAN: Allow as per below. HTTP and HTTPS (TCP port 80, 443) DNS (TCP/UDP port 53) NTP(TCP port 119, 123) email (TCP port 25, 110, 143, 465, 587, 993, 995) VPN (GRE, UDP 500, TCP 1723) iTunes (TCP port 3689) WAN-to-LAN: Block all unrelated traffic and enable IDS. Typical Security (Medium) LAN-to-WAN: Allow all. WAN-to-LAN: Block as per below and enable IDS. IDENT (port 113) ICMP request Peer-to-peer apps: kazaa - (TCP/UDP port 1214) bittorrent - (TCP port 6881-6999) gnutella- (TCP/UDP port 6346) vuze - (TCP port 49152-65534) Minimum Security (Low) LAN-to-WAN: Allow all. WAN-to-LAN: Block as per below and enable IDS IDENT (port 113) Custom Security LAN-to-WAN: Allow all. WAN-to-LAN: IDS Enabled and block as per selections below. Block http (TCP port 80, 443) Block ICMP Block Multicast Block Peer-to-peer applications Block IDENT (port 113) Disable entire firewall customerCentral User Guide
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