RIP Status for the Arris WTM552Router Sceenshot

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RIP Status                 Home               Logout         Internet Status: Connected WAN Setup LAN Setup LAN Settings DHCP Client List IP Reserve RIP Settings RIP Status Wireless Setup Firewall Utilities    RIP Status     Show current Lan subnet, Wan subnet, route table, RIPv2 MIB informations on this page. Click the “Reset” button to restart rip function. Click the “Refresh” button to update the list.           Lan IP Address :     Lan Subnet Mask :     Wan IP Address : \     Wan Subnet Mask :     RIPv2 MIB Information :     Global Route Changes : 0     Global Queries : 0     Wan Route Advertisement interval : 30 s     Interface State Table :   IP Address RcvBadPackets RcvBadRoutes SentUpdates \ 0 0 0 0 0 0     Interface Configuration Table :   IP Address AuthType SendVersion RecvVersion \ NoAuth Disabled Disabled     Route Table :   Dest IP NetMask GateWay Metric Interface \ \ 1 1 1 Wan Lan Lan       
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