RIPv2 Settings for the Arris WTM652GRouter Sceenshot

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RIPv2 Settings                 Home               Logout         Internet Status: Connected WAN Setup LAN Setup LAN Settings DHCP Client List RIP Settings RIP Status Wireless Setup Firewall Utilities    RIPv2 Settings   RIP (Routing Information Protocol, RFC2082 and RFC2453) allows a Router to exchange routing information with other Routers.   ?   Note: NAT is currently enabled. NAT must be disabled in order to transmit routing information.   Wan Interface :   RIP Enable/Disable Disable Enable   RIP-2 Authentication NoAuth Password MD5   Key ID(0-255)   Key   RIP advertisement Interval NAT Enabling:   ADVANCED FEATURE! Allows you to turn the Network Address Translation feature on or off.   ?     NAT Enable / Disable Enable Disable       
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