Wireless Wi Fi Protected Setup for the Arris WTM652GRouter Sceenshot

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Channel and SSID '; tmp += '   '; tmp += ' Configured '; } else { tmp += '   '; tmp += '   '; tmp += ' Unconfigured '; } manu_conf = tmp; } function init() { var msgVar=document.tF.message.value; if (msgVar.length > 1) { alert(msgVar); history.back(); } } //-->                 Home               Logout         Internet Status: Connected WAN Setup LAN Setup Wireless Setup Channel and SSID Security Wi-Fi Protected Setup Use as Access Point MAC Address Control Firewall Utilities    Wi-Fi Protected Setup         WPS Enable (State:Configured )   Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) is used to protect your wireless networks against unauthorized access and disclosure of private information.       1) PBC Method   To use Push Button Configuration(PBC), click on 'Simple Push Button',then use PBC on the client within 2 minutes.   2) PIN Method   Enter the client PIN and click 'Register'.Then use the client WPS application to complete connection within 2 minutes.   Enrollee PIN       If the client WPS application requests for a PIN, use the following AP Active PIN.This PIN can also be modified or restored to its factory default.If you want to generate a dyanmic pin,please press 'Generate' button, then press 'Save Pin' button to save it; else enter yourself PIN, and press 'Save PIN' button directly.   AP Active PIN        New AP PIN       3) Manual Configuration method   For client devices without WPS, manually configure the device with the following settings:   Wireless Security   Configured        
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