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Wireless -- Security This page allows you to configure security features of the wireless LAN interface. You may setup configuration manually         OR through WiFi Protcted Setup(WPS)      WSC Setup       Enable WSC Enabled Disabled       Enable Build-In Registrar Enabled Disabled       Add Client (This feature is available only when WPA-PSK, WPA2 PSK or OPEN mode is configured) Push-Button PIN             Help       Set WSC AP Mode Configured Unconfigured       Setup AP (Configure all security settings with an external registar) Push-Button PIN              Device PIN    Help        WSC Add External Registrar           WSC Add External Registrar    Manual Setup AP You can set the network authentication method, selecting data encryption, specify whether a network key is required to authenticate to this wireless network and specify the encryption strength. Click "Apply/Save" when done. Select SSID: jbsg11markaz     Network Authentication: Open WEP-Shared WPA WPA2 Mixed WPA2/WPA WPA2 Preauthentication: Disabled Enabled Network Re-auth Interval: WPA Pre-Shared Key:    Click here to display WPA Group Rekey Interval: RADIUS Server IP Address: RADIUS Port: RADIUS Key: WPA Encryption: WEP Encryption: Encryption Strength: 128-bit 64-bit Current Network Key: Network Key Network Key 2: Network Key 3: Network Key 4:   Enter 13 ASCII characters or 26 hexadecimal digits for 128-bit encryption keys   Enter 5 ASCII characters or 10 hexadecimal digits for 64-bit encryption keys    
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