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Local Area Network (LAN) Setup Configure the DSL Router IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN interface.  Save button only saves the LAN configuration data.  Save/Reboot button saves the LAN configuration data and reboots the router to make the new configuration effective.     IP Address:     Subnet Mask:     Host Name:     Domain Name:        Disable DHCP Server        Enable DHCP Server     Start IP Address:     End IP Address:     Subnet Mask:     Leased Time (hour):        Enable DHCP Server Relay             DHCP Server IP Address:                Configure the second IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN interface IP Address: Subnet Mask:   Enable Public IP Pass Through        Enable UPnP        Enable IGMP Snooping            Standard Mode            Blocking Mode Device Info -- DHCP Leases DHCP Server assigned devices: Hostname MAC Address IP Address Expires In Reserve \ \ Expired \ \ 22 hours, 54 minutes, 45 seconds \ \ 22 hours, 8 minutes, 58 seconds \ \ 20 hours, 5 minutes, 55 seconds Reserved Devices: Hostname MAC Address IP Address Delete Manual devices reserve: MAC Address: (example:\) IP Address: (example: Hostname: (Max length:40 characters)
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