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Firewall Settings By default, all outgoing IP traffic from LAN is allowed, but some IP traffic can be BLOCKED by setting up filters. Meanwhile, all incoming IP traffic from the WAN is blocked when the firewall is enabled. However, some IP traffic can be ACCEPTED by setting up filters. Choose Add or Remove to configure outgoing/incoming IP filters. IP Filtering List   Filter Name:     Direction Incoming Outgoing   Protocol:   TCP/UDP TCP UDP ICMP   Source IP address:   Source Subnet Mask:   Source Port (port or port:port):   Destination IP address:   Destination Subnet Mask:   Destination Port (port or port:port):      WAN Interfaces (Configured in Routing mode and with firewall enabled only) Select at least one or multiple WAN interfaces displayed below to apply this rule.     Select All     INTERNET/eth0.1     quickstart/ppp0 TCP/IP sessions Note:When a connection has seen traffic in both directions, the ipconntrack entry will erase the [UNREPLIED] flag, and then reset it. The [ASSURED] flag tells us that this connection is assured and that it will not be erased if we reach the maximum possible tracked connections. Thus, connections marked as [ASSURED] will not be erased. TCP Idle Timeout UDP Idle Timeout
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