DMZ Host for the Aztech FG7003GRV-ACRouter Sceenshot

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SingTel Wireless Modem       Site Map  |    Help  |    Reboot  |    Logout Home Advanced Settings              Overview           Firewall           Dynamic DNS           IP Address Distribution           System           Universal Plug and Play           Maintenance           Management       DMZ Host   Overview   |   Access Control   |   Port Forwarding   |   DMZ Host   Allow a single LAN computer to be fully exposed to the Internet. DMZ Host IP Address: = 3){down_stroke_field=this;;document.form_contents.dmz_host_ip1.focus();return false;}"> . = 3){down_stroke_field=this;;document.form_contents.dmz_host_ip2.focus();return false;}"> . = 3){down_stroke_field=this;;document.form_contents.dmz_host_ip3.focus();return false;}"> .     Apply     Cancel
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