Dashboard for the Aztech FG7003GRV-ACRouter Sceenshot

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SingTel Wireless Modem   Dashboard Connection Status   Internet Status: Connected SingNet IP Address: Setup Wizard   WiFi Status: On Network Name (SSID) WiFi (2.4GHZ) Name: Network Key: 0015651238 Show WiFi (5GHZ) Name: SINGTEL(5G)-D1A6 Network Key: 0015651238 Show Edit WiFi Network   Connected Devices Number of Devices: 3 View utilization and signal strength of Devices mio Home   mio TV Status: Not Subscribed   mio Voice Status: Not Subscribed   Advanced Actions   Troubleshoot Internet connection faulty or slow?   Advanced Settings Personalize your Broadband   Setup Wizard Perform your internet setup
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