Port Forwarding for the Aztech FG7003GRV-ACRouter Sceenshot

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SingTel Wireless Modem       Site Map  |    Help  |    Reboot  |    Logout Home Advanced Settings              Overview           Firewall           Dynamic DNS           IP Address Distribution           System           Universal Plug and Play           Maintenance           Management       Port Forwarding   Overview   |   Access Control   |   Port Forwarding   |   DMZ Host   Expose services on the LAN to external Internet users. Local Host Local Address Protocols Forward to Port Status Action Cannot resolve host freepbx - TCP Any -> 8089 8089 Cannot resolve host Skype UDP at (3184) - UDP Any -> 30991 30991 Active Skype TCP at (3184) - TCP Any -> 30991 30991 Active Skype UDP at (3184) - UDP Any -> 7087 7086 Active   New Entry         Click the Refresh button to update the status.     Apply     Cancel   Resolve Now     Refresh
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