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Sky Hub > Backup Settings Sky Hub Wireless Security Maintenance Advanced Support Licensing Information Logout Wireless Settings Wireless WPS Logs Block Sites Firewall Rules Services Schedule Router Status Attached Devices Backup Settings Set Password Diagnostics Router Upgrade WAN Setup Dynamic DNS LAN IP Setup Remote Management UPnP Backup Settings This page allows you to back up, restore and erase your Sky Hub's current settings. Once you have your Sky Hub configured to your requirements you should back up the information so it's available if something goes wrong. When you back up the settings they are saved as a file on your computer. You can restore your Sky Hub's settings from this file. Save a Copy of Current Settings help Backup Restore Saved Settings from a File help Restore Revert to Factory Default Settings help Erase To create a back up file of the current settings: Select Back Up . If you don't have your browser set up to save downloaded files automatically, locate where you wish to save the file, rename it if required, and click Save . If you have your browser set up to save downloaded files automatically, the file is saved to your browser's download location on the hard disk and is called sky_backupsetting.conf. To restore settings from a backup file: Select Browse . Locate and select the previously saved backup file (sky_backupsetting.conf) Select Restore . A window will appear advising you know that your Sky Hub has been successfully restored to previous settings. Your Sky Hub will restart. This will take about one minute. Close the notification window. Important: Whilst restoring or erasing your Sky Hub settings don't go online, shutdown the computer or turn off your Sky Hub until it fully reboots. To erase the current settings and reset your Sky Hub to the original default settings: Select Erase
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