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Sky Hub > WAN Setup Sky Hub Wireless Security Maintenance Advanced Support Licensing Information Logout Wireless Settings Wireless WPS Logs Block Sites Firewall Rules Services Schedule Router Status Attached Devices Backup Settings Set Password Diagnostics Router Upgrade WAN Setup Dynamic DNS LAN IP Setup Remote Management UPnP WAN Setup Using this page you can setup several parameters related to the WAN (Wide Area Network) connection. You shouldn't change these parameters unless you have a specific reason to do so and you are an advanced user. Specifying a Default DMZ Server allows you to set up a computer or server that is available to anyone on the Internet for services that you haven't defined. There are security issues with doing this, so only do this if you're willing to have open access to your network. If you don't assign a Default DMZ Server, your Sky Hub discards any incoming service requests which are undefined. This can be a security risk. Default DMZ Server: . . . help Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port MTU Size (in bytes) Router Mode DSL Only WANOE Only Auto Please connect your Sky Hub to Openreach modem via Ethernet cable using the bottom port of your Sky Hub as show below Cancel Apply Default DMZ Server To assign a computer or server to be a DMZ server: Select the Default DMZ Server checkbox Type the IP address for that server Select Apply Respond To Ping on Internet Port If you wish your Sky Hub to respond to a 'Ping' from the Internet, select this check box This feature is enabled as the default option in your Sky Hub and it can be used as a diagnostic tool. MTU Size The normal MTU (Maximum Transmit Unit) value for most Ethernet networks is 1500 Bytes, or 1492 Bytes for PPPoE connections. We'll set this value automatically.
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