VOIP Advanced Setting for the Belkin F1P1242EGauRouter Sceenshot

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VOIP Advanced Setting Configure the following VOIP-related parameters. And press SAVE SETTINGS button. Support Call Waiting Caller-ID Presentation Support User-Agent Header Support Out of Band DTMF Special Dial tone for VOIP call Use strict routing for nonstandard SIP server Start RTP session before receiving ACK --> Use SRV option for SIP registration Use SIP ALG option Call Hold Version RFC2543 RFC3264 Telephony Hook Flash Timer ms ~ ms Telephony Tone Country Setting Japan USA France Germany Spain Taiwan Canada Italy Belgium Australia Codec Rate(G723, G729, G711) Default 1 2 3 4 5 times with sample rate -->   Voice Codec Configuration Available Codecs   Selected Codecs                > " name=B1> G.729 G.726-40 G.726-32 G.726-24 G.726-16 G.723 G.711 U law G.711 A law             
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