Wireless Wi Fi Protected Setup WPS for the Belkin F5D7234-4v5Router Sceenshot

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-->   LAN Setup   LAN Settings   DHCP Client List   Internet WAN   Connection Type   DNS   MAC Address   Wireless   Channel and SSID   Security   Wi-Fi Protected Setup   Use as an Access Point   MAC Address Control   Firewall   Virtual Servers   Client IP Filters   MAC Address Filtering   DMZ   DDNS   WAN Ping Blocking   Security Log   Utilities   Restart Router   Restore Factory Defaults   Save/Backup Settings   Restore Previous Settings   Firmware Update   System Settings   Wireless  > Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)   Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) ; Disabled Enabled Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is the industry standard method to simplify the security setup and management of the Wi-Fi networks. You now can easily setup and connect to a WPA-enabled 802.11 network with WPS-certificated devices using either Personal Information Number (PIN) or Push Button Configuration (PBC) method.Legacy devices without WPS can be added to the network using the traditional manual configuration method. 1)Personal Information Number (PIN) Method Enter the PIN from the client device and click "Enroll". Then start WPS on the client device from it's wireless utility or WPS application within 2 minutes Enter Client Device PIN If an external registrar is available, you can also enter Router's PIN at the external registrar. To change Router's PIN, click "Generate New PIN" or click "Restore Default PIN" to reset the PIN to factory default. Router PIN :71162096    2)Push Button Configuration (PBC) Method Push and hold PBC button on your Router for 3 seconds or click "Start PBC". Then start PBC on the device you want to connect to the Router within 2 minutes. 3)Manual Configuration Method For client devices without WPS, manually configure the device with the following settings. Network Name (SSID) : \ Wireless Security : Configured Network Authentication : WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK Data Encryption : TKIP+AES Network Key (PSK) : The Mustang rocks!
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