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Parental Controls > Website Filters       Home  |   Help  |   Logout Internet Status: Connected   LAN Setup   LAN Settings   DHCP Client List   Internet WAN   Connection Type   DNS   MAC Address   IPv6   Connection Settings NEW   Parental Controls   Website Filters NEW   Access Control   Wireless   Channel and SSID   Security   Wi-Fi Protected Setup   Guest Access   Use as an Access Point   Media Features   Intellistream NEW   Traffic Chart   Media Server NEW   Firewall   Virtual Servers   MAC Address Filtering   DMZ   DDNS   WAN Ping Blocking   Security Log   Utilities   Restart Router   Restore Factory Defaults   Save/Backup Settings   Restore Previous Settings   Firmware Update   System Settings   Self Healing    Parental Controls > Website Filters Provides a first layer of whole-home internet protection to guard you from unsafe and inappropriate websites on any device on your network.     Filtering Options >   Block Malicious, Adult and other non-family friendly sites   Blocks malware, phishing, and scam sites and also sites that contain sexually explicit material, mature content, abortion, alcohol, tobacco, crime, cult, drugs, gambling, hate, suicide or violence. Block Malicious and Adult Sites   Blocks malware, phishing, scam sites and sites that contain sexually explicit content. Block Malicious Sites   Blocks malware, phishing and scam sites. No Filters   -->             --> To change your DNS address please continue to Internet WAN > DNS  
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