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Time Zone Parameters Time Zone Enable Disable Time Zone List By City By Time Difference Local Time Zone (+-GMT Time) (GMT-12:00) International Date Line West [IDLW] (GMT-11:00) Nome [NT] (GMT-10:00) Hawaii Standard [HST] (GMT-09:00) Alaska Standard [AKST] (GMT-09:00) Yukon Standard [YST] (GMT-08:00) US Pacific Standard [PST] (GMT-07:00) US Mountain Standard [MST] (GMT-06:00) US Central Standard [CST] (GMT-05:00) US Eastern Standard [EST] (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Standard [AST] (GMT-03:30) Newfoundland Standard [NFST] (GMT-03:30) Newfoundland [NFT] (GMT-03:00) Brazil Standard [BRA] (GMT-02:00) Azores [AT] (GMT-01:00) West Africa [WAT] (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time [GMT] (UTC/GMT) Universal (Coordinated) [UTC] (GMT) Western European [WET] (GMT+01:00) Central European [CET] (GMT+01:00) French Winter [FWT] (GMT+01:00) Middle European [MET] (GMT+01:00) Middle European Winter [MEWT] (GMT+01:00) Swedish Winter [SWT] (GMT+01:00) British Summer [BST] (GMT+02:00) Eastern Europe, USSR Zone 1 [EET] (GMT+02:00) French Summer [FST] (GMT+02:00) Middle European Summer [MEST] (GMT+02:00) Swedish Summer [SST] (GMT+02:00) Israeli Standard [IST] (GMT+03:00) Baghdad, USSR Zone 2 [BT] (GMT+03:00) Iran [IT] (GMT+04:00) Russian Volga [USZ3] (GMT+05:00) Russian Ural [USZ4] (GMT+05:30) Indian Standard [INST] (GMT+06:00) Russian West-Siberian [USZ5] (GMT+06:30) North Sumatra [NST] (GMT+07:00) West Australian Standard [WAST] (GMT+07:00) Russia Yenisei [USZ6] (GMT+07:30) Java [JT] (GMT+08:00) China Coast, USSR Zone 7 [CCT] (GMT+09:00) Korean Standard [ROK] (GMT+09:00) Korean Standard [KST] (GMT+09:00) Japan Standard, USSR Zone 8 [JST] (GMT+09:30) Central Australian Standard [CAST] (GMT+10:00) Eastern Australian Standard [EAST] (GMT+10:00) Guam Standard, USSR Zone 9 [GST] (GMT+12:00) International Date Line East [IDLE] (GMT+12:00) New Zealand Standard [NZST] (GMT+12:00) New Zealand [NZT] SNTP Server IP Address 1.   2. 3.   4. Daylight Saving Enabled Resync Period minutes v  
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