L2TP for the Billion BiPAC 7404VNOXRouter Sceenshot

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Configuration L2TP L2TP Parameters Name Connection Type Remote Access LAN to LAN Type Dial out Dial in Server IP Address(or Domain Name) Private IP Address Assigned to Dialin user Peer Network IP Netmask Username Password Auth. Type Chap(Auto) Pap Idle Timeout min(s) Tunnel Authentication Enable Secret Active as default route Enable Remote Host Name(Optional) Local Host Name(Optional) IPSec Enable Authentication None MD5 SHA1 Encryption NULL DES 3DES AES 128 AES 192 AES 256 Perfect Forward Secrecy None MODP 768 (Group 1) MODP 1024 (Group 2) MODP 1536 (Group 5) Pre-shared Key Edit Active Name Connection Type Type Delete