QoS Prioritization for the Billion BiPAC 7404VNPXRouter Sceenshot

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Configuration Prioritization Prioritization Configuration (from LAN to WAN packet) Name Time Schedule Disabled Always On VoIP InUse TimeSlot1 TimeSlot2 TimeSlot3 TimeSlot4 TimeSlot5 TimeSlot6 TimeSlot7 TimeSlot8 TimeSlot9 TimeSlot10 TimeSlot11 TimeSlot12 TimeSlot13 TimeSlot14 TimeSlot15 TimeSlot16 Priority High Low Protocol any tcp udp icmp gre Source IP Address Range ~ Source Port ~ Destination IP Address Range ~ Destination Port ~ DSCP Marking Disabled Best Effort Premium Gold service (L) Gold service (M) Gold service (H) Silver service (L) Silver service (M) Silver service (H) Bronze service (L) Bronze service (M) Bronze service (H) Edit Name Time Schedule Protocol Priority DSCP Marking Delete
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