Ring and Tone Configuration for the Billion BiPAC 7404VNPXRouter Sceenshot

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Configuration Ring & Tone Configuration Ring & Tone Configuration Country Specific Ring & Tone Region USA Japan UK China France Australia Finland Netherlands Norway Germany Italy Sweden Belgium SPAIN South Africa Denmark Ring Parameters On 1 Off 1 On 2 Off 2 On 3 Off 3 Ring Cadence (in ms) Tone Parameters Harmonica Harmonica Cadence Freq. 1 Power 1 Freq. 2 Power 2 On 1 Off 1 Repeat 1 On 2 Off 2 Repeat 2 Dial Tone Ringback Tone Busy Tone Alerting Tone       Answer Tone Calling Card "Bong" Tone Call Waiting Tone Confirm Tone Error Tone Intercept Tone Message Waiting Tone Network Busy Tone Network Congestion Tone Off Hook Warning Tone Preemption Tone Prompt Tone Reorder Tone Reorder Warning Tone Ringback on Connection Tone Silence Tone Stutter Dial Tone   
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