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Configuration SIP Device Parameters VoIP Advanced Settings Parameters SIP Enable Disable Silence Suppression (VAD) Enable Disable Echo Cancellation Enable Disable RTP Port Region USA Japan UK China France Australia Finland Netherlands Norway Germany Italy Sweden Belgium SPAIN South Africa Denmark Voice QoS, DSCP Marking Best Effort Premium Gold service (L) Gold service (M) Gold service (H) Silver service (L) Silver service (M) Silver service (H) Bronze service (L) Bronze service (M) Bronze service (H) VoIP Advanced Settings VoIP through IP Interface iplan ipwan Voice Frame Size 10 ms 20 ms 30 ms 40 ms 50 ms 60 ms Dial Plan Priority Mode 0 Mode 1 Mode 2           Hint PSTN Auto-fallback Enable, when receive the specified SIP codes    Edit T.38 Fax Relay Enable, Max Bit Rate: 14400 bps 12000 bps 9600 bps 7200 bps 4800 bps 2400 bps PSTN Environment Adjustment PSTN Voltage Configuration ONHOOK Voltage: OFFHOOK Voltage:               Hint Check your PSTN Voltage Levels Ensure your phone is ONHOOK, click , value is   . Ensure your phone is OFFHOOK, click , value is   . Caution! The VoIP configuration will take effect only when you apply the changes, save configuration and restart the device.      
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