VoIP Dial Plan for the Billion BiPAC 7404VNPXRouter Sceenshot

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Configuration Dial Plan Rule Create Rule Parameters Port Phone Port 1 Phone Port 2 Prefix Processing Prepend unconditionally If prefix is , delete it If prefix is , replace with        No prefix Main Digit Sequence @ Current Profile PSTN ENUM         Test Current Digit Map : (x.T|##S|*69S|*[28]0S|*74x.#S|*90x.TS|x#S) Rule Name Delete x.T Digit Sequence Example: x. Any digit number between 0 and 9 in variable length. Maximum length is 16. xxx Any 3 digit number only between 0 and 9. Total length is 3. No period needed (.) xxxx. Any number between 0 and 9 with variable length but no shorter than 3 digits. Maximum Length is 16. 123x. Any number (0-9) starting with 123. Maximum length is 16. [124]x. Any number (0-9) starting with 1 or 2 or 4. Maximum length is 16. [1-3]x. Any number(0-9) starting with number 1 to 3. Maximum length is 16. 9[4-6]8x. Any number (0-9) starting with 9, the second number between 4-6, and third number 8. Maximum length is 16.
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