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Advanced Setup Packet Filter Packet Filter Configuration Filter Name --select-- FTP(TCP 21) SSH(TCP 22) Telnet(TCP 23) SMTP(TCP 25) HTTP(TCP 80) POP3(TCP 110) SNMP(UDP 161) HTTPS(TCP 443) IKE(UDP 500) syslog(UDP 514) T.120(TCP 1503) L2TP(UDP 1701) H323(TCP 1720) PPTP(TCP 1723) Radius(UDP 1812) Radacct(UDP 1813) pcAnywhere(TCP 5631) VNC(TCP 5900) CuSeeMe(TCP 7648) (type or select from listbox) IP Version IPv4 IPv6 Protocol TCP/UDP TCP UDP ICMP RAW Any Protocol Number  [0 - 254] Internal IP Address ~ External IP Address ~ Internal Port ~ External Port ~ Direction incoming outgoing Action forward drop Time Schedule Always On Disable TimeSlot1 TimeSlot2 TimeSlot3 TimeSlot4 TimeSlot5 TimeSlot6 TimeSlot7 TimeSlot8 TimeSlot9 TimeSlot10 TimeSlot11 TimeSlot12 TimeSlot13 TimeSlot14 TimeSlot15 TimeSlot16 Log     Edit Filter Name IP Version Protocol Internal IP Address Internal Port Direction Action Time Schedule Log Order Remove External IP Address External Port Default Any Any Any outgoing forward Always On Disabled Any Any
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